Since early times, High Court had no institutionalized facility for training newly recruited or promoted Judicial Officers of the State. After their selection, Judicial Officers were posted straight to District Headquarters where training was imparted to them under the supervision and guidance of the District Judge by Judicial Officers posted there as per the scheme issued by the High Court. However, the training, so imparted was never considered to be satisfactory and there was pressing need for an institutionalized set up to train judicial Officers so as to equip them with requisite knowledge and skills. It was felt that such conditioning would optimize the talent of a Judicial Officer so that he may be in a position to play his role effectively and efficiently in the justice delivery system.

The idea of a Training Institute for the Judicial Officers was conceived way back in 1974. A sub-committee of two Hon’ble Judges of this High Court had in their report expressed the desirability of establishing such an Institute. The idea was taken little further in April 1989 when High Court in its meeting passed a resolution for establishing Training Institute at Jabalpur under the direct control of the High Court. The State Government, no doubt accepted this noble proposal but the idea could not take a concrete shape due to fiancial constraints and nothing tangible materialized till 1993. Ultimately in the year 1994, thanks to the relentless efforts made by the then Chief Justice Hon’ble Shri U.L. Bhatt, The Judicial Officers' Training Institute came into being. 

The Institute started to function formally on 17th April, 1994,in the precincts of the High Court, without independent paraphernalia. Initially training for forty newly recruited Civil Judges Class-II was conducted. The idea to hold refresher courses for in-service Judicial Officers was also conceived simultaneously and within a period of about eighteen months from its inception, the Institute had already imparted training to 870 Judicial Officers of the rank of Civil Judge Class-II, Civil Judge Class-I and Additional District Judge. With a view to invoke active participation of the Judicial Officers on various legal issues, interactive camp programmes were organised, in the year 1995-96, at district headquarters of Jabalpur, Rajnandgaon, Seoni, Ratlam and Guna.

In past 2-3 years the Institute has tried to diversify its activities, so as to make it more meaningful . Various training-cum-refresher courses were upgraded. Apart from various aspects of procedural and substantive law, matters relating to the Court Management, Judicial Ethics, Behavioural Skills, Speedy Disposal of Cases and application of Information Technology in Judiciary were included in the curriculum. With the object of making the Institute research oriented, it was remodelled in the month of September, 2002 and was rechristianed as “Judicial Officers Training & Research Institute” (JOTRI). After the abolition of The State Administrative Tribunal on 17.4.2003, a sizeable part of the building, previously occupied by the SAT at Jabalpur was alloted to the JOTRI and the institute really came into its own.

Since very begining, in order to keep the Judicial Officers of Madhya Pradesh abreast of all aspects of substantive and procedural law, the Institute has also been publishing a bi-monthly magzine, aptly named "JOTI" ( The Flame).

The Institute has prepared a detailed training scheme and curriculum for the Judicial Officers of various levels. The training courses with their objectives are as follows :

I Basic Course for the newly recruited Civil Judge Class II. To provide basic knowledge of law, administration and related sciences.
II Foundation Course for the directly recruited Additional District Judges. To impart training on judicial and administrative aspects.
III Refresher Course for the Civil Judges. To refresh and update the legal and scientific knowledge.
IV Refresher Course for the Additional District Judges. To refresh and update the legal and scientific knowledge.
V Advance Courses for the just promoted Additional District Judges. To provide comprehensive knowledge on legal and administrative matters.
VI Workshop on Judicial Administration and Court Management of District & Sessions Judges. To up-date and refresh the knowledge on legal, administrative and managerial aspects.

From 2002 to Frebruary 2003, the Institute imparted training to some 250 Judicial Officers of Additional District Judge level including 10 directly recruited Additional District Judges. The spectrum of the curiculum for  these  training/refresher courses was a broad one and included topics of procedural and substantive law of day-to-day importance in judicial working as well as topics relating to Court Management and Use of Computers and Information Technology in Judiciary. Hon’ble Judges of this High Court, Hon’ble the Former Judges, Senior Advocates and Experts in various fields related to law, like finger prints, ballistics, medical judrisprudence etc., were invited   to elighten the Judicial Officers. Indepth training is being imparted to Judicial Officers of various cadres as per curriculum.

The Institute is organising workshops on regular basis for Judicial Officers . The Institute has also started an exhaustive programme of  workshops for various agencies of the state, which have a role to  play in the system of administration of justice, so that these agencies may discharge thier obligations under the laws in an effective manner. In this direction  the institute is holding  workshops for Police Officers, Prosecution Officers, Forest Officers, Excise Officers etc.

It is felt that Judicial Officers should also learn how to get rid of  tension in order to realize their full potential. For this purpose the Training Institute has started  yoga classes for the trainees.

The Training Institute is also conducting bi-monthly training programmes at district level. A questionnaire is despatched to District and Sessions Judges, who after calling a meeting of all the Judges posted in the district and after deliberations, submit a paper to the Training Institute and the papers containing material of requisite  standard is  published in the J.O.T.I. Journal. This process involves Judges in deliberations and inspires them to study the subject intensively.

Address : Judicial Officers Training and Research Institute, Old  M.P.SAT  Building, Beohar Bagh, Jabalpur (M.P.)
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